A Win32 OOP GUI Library for Harbour

Last updated: 2002/05/22

Release 1.02
(alpha test version)

Last News

Many rewrites to TWindow class, add TFont class. Look at demo.exe example.
From next version i'll begin to write preprocessor commands.

Please send me your opinions: info@fsgiudice.com 

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Hi, my name is Francesco Saverio Giudice. I'm from Italy. Sorry for my english, it is not so good.

I'm a xBase programmer (dbase, clipper) and a computers retailer. 

Many years ago (about 1989) i had realized a powerful environment in Clipper with which i've create some applications. This environment give me possibility to realize simple applications in few hours. And complex applications in many months !!! :-) But the power of this environment is to be realized in OOP-like style (in pure Clipper code without any libraries).

But the experience as programmer didn't give me any interesting return. (much job few cash !!!)
 So i became a computer reseller :-( But the programmer soul is always present.

With the advent of GUI interfaces i've tried to find a free compiler or library that can give me possibility to make my environment in OOP code under Windows. Without to spend much money (many money i had spent to buy Clipper and VO).

I've seen, some time ago, Harbour and MiniGUI from Roberto Lopez and my mind began to work phrenetic at the idea to realize my environment under windows.

So i takes the basis from MiniGUI and from Microsoft SDK and i began ...

As found in Roberto's web site i've taken some ideas also from HGF (Harbour GUI framework) by Antonio Linares and Alexander Kresin, HWGUI by Alexander Kresin, BCX by Kevin Diggins. And from wxWindows.

Thanks to all of them !!


WoopGUI is free with the same license as harbour.

!!! WARNING !!!

WoopGUI is experimental, so it's probably buggy and surely inefficient. Take it only as an experiment. NO WARRANTY !!!


WoopGUI: http://www.woopgui.com/ 
Harbour MiniGUI: http://www.geocities.com/harbour_minigui/ 
Harbour Win32 and MiniGUI Related Newsgroup: news://news.fivetech.net/hbWin32 
Harbour Win32 Related Newsgroup: news://news.fivetech.net/harbour 
xHarbour Win32 Related Newsgroup: news://news.fivetech.net/xharbour 
Harbour Project: http://www.harbour-project.org 
Projeto HarbourBR: http://www.susviela.hpg.ig.com.br/hb/index.html 
TodoHarbour (Harbour Information - In Spanish): http://www.TodoHarbour.com 
HWGUI: http://www.geocities.com/alkresin/ 
BCX: http://members.surfbest.net/kdiggins@surfbest.net/ 
Harbour Downloads: http://harbour-id.net/ 
Harbour News: http://www.davep.org/harbour/news/ 
Windows API Documentation:  ftp://ftp.cs.virginia.edu/pub/lcc-win32/win32hlp.exe 
Extra Windows API Documentation: ftp://ftp.cs.virginia.edu/pub/lcc-win32/win32apidoc.exe 
Free Borland C++ Compiler:  ftp://ftpd.borland.com/download/bcppbuilder/freecommandLinetools.exe 
INNO Setup Compiler: http://www.jrsoftware.org/
 wxWindows Home: http://wxwindows.org/  


Thanks to all those who will appreciate my job and will want to support it with proposals and critics.

Francesco Saverio Giudice
my e-mail address is: info@fsgiudice.com 


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