A Win32 OOP GUI Library for Harbour

Last updated: 2002/05/22


[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes


WoopGUI 1.02 ( 2002-05-19 )

[*] Changed name of the class TForm in TFrame as wxWindows defines

[*] Changed name of TFrame:InitStatusBar in TFrame:CreateStatusBar as wxWindows

[+] TFont, TStatic and TStaticText classes added

[!] rewrite many part of base class TWindow basing on class define from wxWindow

[*] many parts

WoopGUI 1.01 ( 2002-05-18 )

[+] Add this changelog.txt

[*] Add TApplication:Activate() that run MainLoop() function (Thanks to Ron Pinkas)

[-] Erased #pragma BEGINDUMP/ENDDUMP line from C source (Thanks to Ron Pinkas)

[*] Change Windows.ch to add various #define from window.ch

[+] Add Calling Virtual Method TControl:GetValue() [as standard message name to retrieve value]

[-] Change Calling Message name for TComboBox:GetCurSel() [which is c api function name]
to TComboBox:GetValue() [as standard message name to retrieve value]

[+] Add GetValue() Method to TButton
Add GetValueAsString() Method to TControl

[*] In TControl:New() add AddControl() call to add to parent window controls i create

[+] Add file called version_x.xx where x.xx show the current version of library

[*] Made some some minor corrections in capplication.c cwindow.c and cmenu.c
(Thanks to Ron Pikas)

[+] Add TIniFile() Class from sample file by Ron Pinkas

[+] Add TForm Class from which derives all standard windows (like application)
and TDialog Class from which derives all dialog windows

[+] and more ....

WoopGUI 1.00 ( 2002-05-15 )

[+] Initial public release


Francesco Saverio Giudice
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